Tells Story of FACTORY900

FACTORY900's frames fit lenses so snugly when I set in.
It's understandable to hear that you use to design them accurately calculating the curves of the lenses, and so on. It all makes sense.
Yeah, that's it. I also heard that one of your frames was based on the firemen's eye-guards. I believed it was a new category.
Well, but I could not imagine today's style at that time. I expected it would evolve in different ways just like an eye guard or an eye protector.
And then I got another impact when FA-092 broke out.
The year 2004, I released FA-092, was a period I became to accept making glasses without protest. I came to think naturally what the cool looking of glasses is. Before that, I had rather made them combatively, just like, “This is what the function." “You have not truly understanding of the glasses."
So I have pushed myself to be better excessively.
But I believe that I pretend nothing on my works in the early times, and they were what I really wanted. Even though I would like to continue making them even now.
Oh, it was a momentous step in your life.
How had the response been in your shops after you’d gotten in FACTORY900?
We can easily imagine the customers' features wearing them.
For sunglasses in such as FA-130, they had a big advantage for Japanese men because we wear them without nose pads. That's why we would like to recommend them for customers.
I’d rather wondered who would wear them!
It was really sensational for both of eyewear shops and users. Because you, a frame-maker, released pretty suitable products at that right moment when sports and steep curved sunglasses had been growing in popularity.
Going with the times. That's one big reason why FACTORY900 won popularity. You might lose in the old days when people pleased to wear round-glasses for sunglasses in traditional-style, or in these days they love Wellington in style.
That means why FACTORY900 is a product of time and place.
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