What is FACTORY900?

Brand Concept


New Creation, New Style, New Value.
FACTORY900 produces "THE FUTURES EYEWEAR" created through continuous innovation.

Brand Summary

History, technique and innovative design

FACTORY900 was launched in 2000 as a house-brand of AOYAMA Optical Ltd. Co.
"900" is derived from the number designated to our factory by the government.

We, at AOYAMA Optical, are a small factory and have been manufacturing plastic frames for three generations over the last 80 years in Fukui where 95% of "made in Japan" eyewear frames are manufactured. During AOYAMA Optical's history, we have always challenged ourselves, and finally have obtained magnificent plastic frame-forming techniques. In 2000, a head designer, Mr. Yoshinori Aoyama, and we started our own house brand with the brand concept "THE FUTURES EYEWEAR" to create more sophisticated and exquisite eyewear. Thus, FACTORY900 can deal with all process of producing eyewear from the beginning to the end.

Unique shapes and avant-garde designs have gained great reputations world-widely.
We received the Japanese Eyewear Award - "Eyewear of the Year" - three years in a row in 2002, 2003 and 2004. We also received the "Silmo d'Or" of Paris, France, twice. (The Silmo d'Or is considered to be the Academy Award of the eyewear field.)

With our great artisans' techniques, each unit of "THE FUTURES EYEWEAR" frames is finished individually with great care. This revolutionary product has come to the world.....

with the name "FACTORY900".

Brand History

2000Started participating in IOFT JAPAN until 2012
2006Started participating in SILMO FRANCE
2010A new collection series named "factory900"(current name factory900 lab) series has launched
2013Joined Private Exhibition in TABLOID TOKYO
Collaboration with a famous Belgian eyewear brand THEO
2014A new collection series named "RETRO BY FACTORY900" (current name FACTORY900 RETRO) has launched in MIDO ITALY
Participated in EMMY AWARDS Secret Room Events in Beverly Hills L.A.
2015Opened "FACTORY900 TOKYO BASE" in TOKYO as the 1st flag-ship store
Started collaborating with ELZA WINKLER
Started holding own exhibition in spring and autumn.
2016Opened "FACTORY900 GIFU BASE" at BellO-Ottica ( GIFU JAPAN )
2017Opened "FACTORY900 YOKOHAMA BASE" at Yamashita Optical ( YOKOHAMA JAPAN )
Collaborated with Japanese famous voice actors
2018Collaborated with LEXUS (as LEXUS MN COLLECTION driving glasses)
Collaborated with a famous illustrator and the voice actors again.
Released a paper-craft eyewear named "FA-P081".
2019Opened "FACTORY900 OSAKA BASE" in OSAKA as the 2nd flag-ship store.
2020Celebrating "FACTORY900 20th Anniversary.


2002Eyewear of the Year Trend section winner (IOFT)
2003Eyewear of the Year Men`s section winner (IOFT)
2004Eyewear of the Year Lady's section Grand Prix winner (IOFT)
2008Kenbi-ten prefectural governor Prize winner (Fukui Kenbi-ten)
2012V Award silver award winner (Hong Kong international exhibition)
2013Silmo d'Or Sunglasses Category winner (SILMO)
2014Silmo d'Or Frame Category nominee (SILMO)
V Award silver award winner (Hong Kong international exhibition)
2015Silmo d'Or Jury Special Prize winner (SILMO)
2016A`DESIGN AWARD Futuristic Design section winner (A' DESIGN AWARD)
2018Silmo d'Or Sunglasses design Category nominee (SILMO)
2019Silmo d'Or Optical frame design Category nominee (SILMO)
2020iF DESIGN AWARD2020 winner in discipline "Product"(iF DESIGN AWARD)