RF-001 SILMO d'Or 2014 Nominee

43□24-150 ( Lens Width □ Bridge Width - Temple Length )

Silmo d'Or 2014 Frame Category - Nominated Model

Designer of FACTORY900, Yoshinori AOYAMA, one day, encountered a pair of eyeglasses in a small antique eyewear store in Le Marais, Paris.
That was vintage “Crown panto” glasses made in France in 1950s, which looked still very innovative although the global trend of eyewear was the classic models. Those glasses had a real and great presence there as Aoyama received huge impact from them.

In the meantime, he started to imagine.

“What would I have made if we had lived in that era?”

In 2014, our third line "FACTORY900 RETRO" was launched with 3 models including this RF-001 model, with the concept "Traveling to half century ago, and pursue the future eyewear".

The classic "Crown Panto" lens shape became futuristic using "Three-Dimensional modeling technology" which is one of heartbeat of FACTORY900. Making square form frame in order to reproduce the technology and atmospere of that era, but cutting diagonally on front rims in order them to look more three-dimensional and futuristic.

Its classical but strong liner shape is maintained, but in the meantime, we can touch something sophisticated.

  • col.001: black
  • col.159: barafu
  • col.165: barafu half
  • col.172: demi
  • col.850: clear

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