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EARTHEN MASK is a coined word that combines two words, earthenware (EARTHENWARE) and mask (MASK), and is a mask of the future inspired by the Inuit light shielding device.

Inuit people living in the Arctic Circle have been using goggles called light shields made of driftwood, animal tusks, and horns to protect themselves from snow blindness. They were a necessity for survival in the environment they lived in, and were created by using things around them.

FACTORY900 often imagines the future with the concept of "THE FUTURES EYEWEAR".
What is the future? What kind of future are we heading for?
In this context, we imagined a "primitive future" as one distant future.
Perhaps in the distant future, FACTORY900 will make the glasses by our own hands, using only natural materials around us.
The goggles bake at a low temperature of about 1,000 degrees Celsius using soil from Kyoto, a city adjacent to Fukui, and are combined with a braided silk band dyed with cherry blossom branches.

This "EARTHEN MASK," created using a manufacturing method that has existed since ancient times, is one possibility for eyewear of the future. We imagine that eyewear that does not use any industrial products may be born. We have imagined that such a future may be coming.

A "light-shielding device" created by the Inuit to protect their eyes from the glare of snow.
We believe that the future seen through the "EARTHEN MASK" created by FACTORY900 will also be dazzling and bright.

Since this model is individually handmade by ceramic artist Takao Kano, each size and color is different.

Special thanks to:
Takao Kano (Ceramic artist, Kyoto)
Showen Kumihimo Co.,Ltd. (Braided cord manufacturer, Kyoto)

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