FACTORY900 new models will be available in Europe next spring

Thank you very much for your interest in our new models: FA-097, FA-143, FA-211, FA-212, FA-240, FA-071.

- European models
We are going to ship all models at one time for Europe, Canada, Australia.
It will be scheduled next spring.
They have differences in nose-pads from Asian models.

- Asian models
We are going to ship gradually for Asian market and Canada.
It will be scheduled from December to May.

We will do our best possible job. We will be happy if you like them.
Thank you for your patience.

FH-001 is pushed off the release date

I regret to inform that we managed to push off the release date of FH-001.
We have developed our product "FH-001" since 2009,but it has been very hard to make much quantity.
Then we would like to stop its order.If the development is successful,we will inform soon.
Thank you for your understanding.