Tells Story of FACTORY900

We'd like to welcome our guest, Mr. Abe & Mr. Sawa

In this corner, we visit persons who are involved with FACTORY900 and having a frank talk about glasses.

At the beginning, we conduct our trilateral dialogue with Mr.ABE who is the Executive Director of Opticien Loyd, Mr.SAWA, the president of Jujubee and Yoshinori Aoyama, the chief designer of FACTORY900.

The host is Ms. Mirei Ito. She is an active in magazine writer such as “MODE OPTIQUE" and others.

FACTORY900 is a product of time and place

I think your shop Opticien Loyd and Jujubee have dealt with FACTORY900 products since the very beginning.
Will you talk about how is the first meeting with FACTORY900?
It was for the first time that Mr. Aoyama has approached me through a manufacturer in Fukui, and he showed me FA-060 at IOFT 2002.
I met him at half a year later than him. Maybe I saw FA-061. I remember the first time he came to our shop and then we went drinking directly.
What was your first impression?
As soon as I saw it, I felt " Exciting ". And at the same time, I wondered how did they ever make it.
I knew it was impossible to make up such a sharp line and texture by injection.
I guessed it might be figured by aluminum deep drawing or something. Anyway, I felt it incredible.
Well, I felt it a goggle exactly like it was.
We had dealt sport eye guards before this time, but to be honest, I thought Japanese ones were not cool. However, just as I was introduced FA-061, I had a hunch that young peoples in Harajuku would respond it to positively. I really wanted prescription goggles with which could bind common lenses.
In fact, I was surprised you two ordered at that time. Because no one else had paid notice to our frames at IOFT exhibit.
I had left there in disappointment, and I began business operation in Tokyo.
Then you ordered at once just like "3 frames per every models".
I was really surprised and realized what an order was!